EmPathways to Success: A 4 Week Experiential Class on Everyday Energy Management, Monday's, 6:30pm - 7:45pm EST, Starts April 18th

Virtual (Zoom), Play Dates: Apr 18th & 25th, May 2nd & 9th, Max Class Size: 20

Being an empath is both exciting and nerve wracking. Sometimes it feels like most of your days are spent dodging the negativity of others. Other times you're relishing the intuitive hit that led you to a side of town where you happened to run into a long lost friend. And on a really bad day you might be retreating because the “feels” are a little too much.

Fortunately, this rollercoaster life isn't mandatory or permanent. With a few tools and a little intentionality, a highly sensitive person can navigate their daily activities with less tension and more ease.

During these 4 consecutive play dates, you'll explore your energetic body and discover the subtle ways everyday activities impact you. You'll learn techniques for balancing your energy, managing feelings of overwhelm, cleansing rooms, protecting your personal space, strengthening your gifts and tapping into your intuition (including how to use a pendulum).

Required Supplies: A pendulum or other weighted object on a string (e.g. a necklace with a heavy pendant) and a D Cell battery or larger.

Recommended Supplies: If you have crystals, card decks, runes or other metaphysical supplies bring them with you. You will practice all of the techniques you learn during class. If you have additional tools, there will be time to discuss how to use them effectively.

Ages: 18 & Up All sales are final. No refunds will be given.